I will like to start by saying the Ministry is not a physical work even though it has element of visibility.
The ministry is primarily a spiritual assignment that cannot be carried out in the energy of the flesh.

That explains God’s word to Zerrubbabel saying “Not by might; not by power but by my Spirit saith the Lord”┬áZach 4:6.

Thus, you and I cannot do Ministry in the Flesh because it is Spiritual. All attempt to do ministry with the flesh will always lead to death why because to be carnally minded is death; the carnal mind cannot please God and therefore carnality should be driven away from God’s assignment.

One major text I will like to use is found in Acts 6:3 “Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business”.

This was when the Apostles wanted to hand over the ministry of serving tables. The requirement for ‘ordinary’ serving food (welfare department) includes being full of the Holy Ghost. This will further tell you that there is no aspect of the Ministry that is mere physical or carnal. ‘Ordinary’ welfare department includes being full of the Holy Ghost. We can still understand the place of wisdom and good report as essential requirements in executing welfare assignment. What does being spirit-filled have to do with welfare (just sharing food)?

People of God, Kingdom Leaders need to be filled with the Holy Spirit because Kingdom assignments are spiritual assignments and there are spiritual forces contending against the assignments and us (the sent ones).

Thus, we cannot be involved in God’s work with sins and carnality dominating our lives.

From the foregoing, there are three reasons spirituality is a compulsory requirement for leaders in God’s Kingdom.

First, the One that commissioned us is a Spirit. It is written, God is Spirit, they that worship Him must worship Him in Truth and in Spirit. (John 4:24). Working for God and Walking with God demand spirituality.

Second, Kingdom Assignments are spiritual assignments. The assignments given to us by God are spiritual therefore can only be executed spiritually (not minding that there are aspects of the work that are physical)

Third, so long as you are involved in promoting the Kingdom of God, you are a prime target of the enemy. Not being spirit-filled is to be walking in a dangerous path.

Therefore Beloved, let us get spiritual. I mean let’s us be spirit-filled.

How to be spirit-filled?
1. Devote yourself to consistent personal prayer altar.
2. Demand for the suppression of the flesh through fasting
3. Develop a consistent study pattern of the Word of God.
4. Deliberately fellowship with the Holy Spirit
5. Depend on the Holy Spirit for all your assignments on Earth. Don’t run things without His leading and involvement

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