Service is an integral part of leadership. Service is not exempted from Kingdom leadership. Everyone God calls, He calls first and foremost to serve. Your service is of two dimensions namely, serving God and serving His people. Anyone that will amount to anything great in the Kingdom of God must be sold out to service.

Apostle Peter said, “Feed the flock of God which is among you, taking the oversight thereof, not by constraint, but willingly; not for filthy lucre, but of a ready mind; Neither as being lords over Gods heritage, but being ensamples to the flock” I Peter 5:2-3

Service is a ladder to greatness in the Kingdom of God.

Jacob served his father-in-law though he was cheated several times. He stayed put (Gen. 31:38-42).

Joseph served his father (Gen. 37: 2,13,14). He served Portiphar and his wife diligently and faithfully to the point that he handed over everything he had to Joseph to manage (Gen. 39: 4-6). He served in the prison so well that the Prison Warder put him in charge of the other prisoners (Gen. 39:22-23).

I believe a heart to serve is a prerequisite for greatness in life and in ministry.
I make bold to say that God does not call leaders. He calls servants and make leaders out of them. If you cannot serve other people’s vision, you may never succeed in yours.

Mandela served his people in South Africa. He devoted his life to fight against apartheid in South Africa. This led him to his notorious 27 years in the prison. Today, the history of the world cannot be written without the name of Mandela being inserted.

Mother Theresa served the poor in India.

Cabral formed a political party to fight against the Portuguese colonialists without being the President of the party. He fought the enemies to a standstill. He was eventually assassinated.

The same could be said about Martin Luther King Jnr.

So also is Gandhi in India.

World Record of Positive Leaders is littered with men and women who served their people.
Do not look for the opportunity to be served but rather seek opportunity to serve others.

The Bible says, “For David, after he had served his own generation by the will of God…” Acts 13:36a.

As spiritual leaders, we are to serve God and His people. Jesus Christ, the model of true Kingdom Leadership said, “Just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” Matthew 20:28.

Before that, He tells us that we are supposed to be servants to others if we want to be great in God’s Kingdom.
Therefore, everyone called into the five-fold offices, you are not the boss even if the flock reverence you with several good and big names. Live with the consciousness that you are called to serve them and not them serving you.


Beloved, you need the company of others to fulfill your God-given assignment. You need men (companions) to move men (souls) to God.

God gave you a vision alone, but there are men attached to your calling as helpers of destiny.

Let me put it in a right perspective.
God wanted something done in the world. He put the ability in so many people, including you. He just needed a person to be the head. He chose you. However, that doesn’t make you better than anyone following you. God just gave you the privilege of being the head (that is if you are leading a ministry).
They are not helping you to fulfill your vision. They are “helping” God to achieve what he wants to achieve in the world. All of you are servants or tools in the hands of God. You are a mere co-coordinator.
This doesn’t matter whether you are an Archbishop or Archpope, Superior Senior Apostle, or Inferior Senior Apostle, ArchApostle or normal Apostle; your co-laborers are not your servants but fellow kingdom laborers and fellow servants of God and not just as your subordinates in ministry such that you expect them to call you master all about.

Jesus said to His disciples;
“I call you no more servants but friends” John15:15

This is not however to say a leader should not be respected by the followers. In fact, God commands it.

“Count them of double honor those who labor over you in word and in doctrine”– 1Tim5:17

“Thou shall not reveal the gods, nor curse the ruler of thy people” Exo. 22:28

“You must not dishonor God or cause any of thy rulers” Exo. 22:28.

There are some co-laborers who will be ganging up against their leaders. They are undoing their destinies. As a matter of principles, I don’t discuss anything negative about my co-laborers. Some of them may do some things I do not like. I, however, choose not to react negatively. I don’t listen to any side talk about them.

Serve them and not just expect them to serve you.

Worldly rulers dominate, control and manipulate their followers.
Kingdom Leaders serve and transform the lives of their followers.

Serve God, serve His interest and serve His people.

Prepared by:
Dr Godwyns Ade’ AGBUDE



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