This is the body that is responsible for praying and supporting our ministry financially.

Our prayer and financial needs are communicated to them in which no one is compelled or pressurized to give financially.

The givers give as they are led.

Benefits for the partners

  1. Consistent Prayer cover for them

  2. Access to all our materials for free e.g Movies, Musical Albums, Books, Awards of accomplishment being sent to them and so as so on.

The truth remains that God’s work cannot be done in isolation. And the place of finance in fulfilling divine mandate cannot be over emphasized. Even Jesus Christ our Lord had some people the Bible refers as people who minister to Him out of their substance. 

What the money is used for:a. Our commitment to Film and Music Productions is not for commercial purpose. Most times, we spend more money than what will ever come in. If we want to keep doing films for the purpose of putting them on both traditional media and social media, we will need your financial support.b. Our Quarterly publications should reach more people than presently. What you give to us is used to serve the publications too so that they can reach beyond our locality.

c. Our Radio and Television programmes will be sustain on air and they will be able to go further they could at present. 

d. We shall be reaching out to the world in mass evangelism and to the church with our annual ministers and leadership conference tagged: KINGDOM LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE. We will need both  your PRAYER and FINANCIAL supports. 


The Eternal Rewards

For every soul that is imparted and built up for God, your inputs have a strong standing with God in heaven. Both those on the field and those who support them have equal rewards before God. David said to his soldiers “…as his part is that goeth down to the battle, so shall his part be that tarrieth by the stuff: they shall part alike” I Samuel 30:24b-c. 

Your support of our vision is your support of God’s course on earth for WE ARE MEN AND WOMEN ON A DIVINE MISSION OF SAVING SOULS AND BUILDING KINGDOM LEADERS.


If you are convinced of being a Kingdom Leadership Partner, call this number or send text or whatsapp message: (+234) 08034854242/ (+234) 08108145192